To make amazing products

Hangzhou Meari Technology Inc. features a complete supply chain system and a private manufacturing plant covering over 4000 square meters. At maximum capacity, over 150,000 units can be produced per month from this plant alone. Strict quality control practices are in place to complement the latest manufacturing systems.

A Dust-tight Manufacturing Workshop

Meari built a state-of-the-art dust free workshop. Dust-free requirements are strictly enforced for the assembly of optical components, ensuring the clarity requirements of products and images.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing Tools and Techniques

Including the ultrasonic plastic welder, automatic multifunction glue dispenser, and airtight leak testing.

Automated Assembly Lines

Extreme precision and efficiency in daily assembly lines thanks to automation. Machines not only decreased the risk of defects, but also costs associated with manufacturing.

Integrated Inspection Software

Unique quality inspection software, developed in-house, tests semi-finished and completed products to ensure 100% of produced units are inspected. This drastically improves quality control efficiency.

Stop Sketching. Start Building.

Standard Product

Provide the complete product ,including Meari own app and cloud storage service

Client & Server

Available for variety Client, support for Andriod, iOS and PC platform,Servers spread globally to meet customers all over the world.

Industrial design

Thanks to the harsh requirement for product appearance by the customers, Meari values extremely for the outstanding industrial and structure design.The sleek,non-intimidating design with stunning creation blends seamlessly into your home.

Mechanical design

The designer should not only conceive a series of related parts to realize various functions, but also consider the compact structure and beautiful appearance of the product.It should be safe and durable, with good performance, easy to manufacture and low cost.

Hardware design

From PCB design to Structural design, From Mould Sample to Product. Every detail reveals the Professional Competence for Meari.

Software design

A normal product can not be separated from the software support. The Performance improvement, the Algorithm Optimization and etc. Everything represents our hard strength.